sacrament to something


Two poems that have rolled around for a while, now.

hummingbird words

to see into the future, dear:

it was your face along a crowd
in my favorite coffee shop,

and both our loves laid bare.

give me the glass palm of your hand
fill it up –

with hummingbird words,
a million grains of sand.

in the darkness of the tunnel:

you –
like the glitter of the sea.

and me,
a river weaving,

and we – feel the loneliness of loneliness leaving.



my brain has been the magpie
seeking out little treasures:

silver tingle in the ear,
secret moment for me to bear.

books read or still unfinished, every city stepped foot in,
presents for friends, a note from someone who tasted like love,

names for pets, and maybe babies.

three reasons why we’re approaching singularity, too many five year plans,
all the astrological signs of people i have lived with, who again live close to me

but the silence is –

oh how intimate the internet,
to see the green light flashing.

sacraments tucked away,
to be devoured never –

i clench my jaw so morning comes
with a sore left cheek.

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