“in the beginning, it is always dark. the mind thinks (and leads us to believe) that this darkness is forever. but the body can feel the light, and as soon as it’s allowed, will always grow towards it. that’s nature. that’s yoga”

~ Amy Jirsa

Yoga opened my heart up to the blissful, interconnected substratum of the universe: the very thing that has been within us, and without us, all along.

Born into a holistically-minded family, I attended my first classes at the age of fourteen. Even then, I found it to be a respite from modern life, and the sounds of the city outside–a way to slow down and sink into the present. My personal connection to yoga continued to deepen after struggling with depression and mental health in high school and early adulthood. At twenty-one years old, I headed to Mysore, India, to study classical hatha and yoga philosophy, and completed my yoga teacher training the following spring. Since then, my yoga journey has evolved and grown, with gratitude, across a few continents, in diverse environments–and as of 2020, returned to its roots in Taipei, where it all started.

In the darkest moments of the ‘dark night of the soul’ periods of my life–yoga was a source of light, a guide. It was (and still is) a path and a purpose, without a clear goal, or structure to fit within… it is no more and no less than an emergence of illumination, a continual act of coming home to connection.

My yoga teaching and practices are an amalgamation of teachers who have inspired, lessons experienced, and passions tended: from mindfulness and meditation, to movement and dancing, to holistic health and cyclical wisdom, as well as astrology, art, and poetry.

As a teacher, my aim is to inspire a state of self-embodiment and radiate an accepting atmosphere. I am soft yet strong, lighthearted and prone to laughter, too. In the classroom, I love creating a nurturing and nourishing ambience for the practice.


2016年我在印度麥索爾一個月與Yogacharya Venkatesh學習傳統哈達瑜伽; 2017年我在峇里島 Radiantly Alive完成 200小時的師資培訓; 之後在墨爾本完成陰瑜伽Level 1的師資培訓。結業後我有在瓜地馬拉,墨爾本和柏林不同環境的教學經驗。


October 2020 to October 2021 300 hr Yoga Alliance advanced teacher training. Three modules: Women’s Yoga, Mindfulness Yin, and Restorative. With Michelle Chu at Space Yoga, Taipei.

May 2019 30hr foundational Yin training, focus on teaching techniques. With Truth Robinson at Power Living, Melbourne.

May 2017 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training in a dynamic vinyasa practice with an emphasis on personal healing. With Les Leventhal at Radiantly Alive, Bali.

October 2016 monthlong Classical Hatha Intensive included asana, an intimate study of the yoga sutras, and pranayama techniques. Taught by Yogacharya Venkatesh at Atmavikasa in Mysore, India.

Other trainings include Embodied Leadership Training with the Wildgrace Movement (3 days); Somatic Stress Release Level 1 with Dr. Scott Lyons (30hr); Massage & Myofascial Release at the Yoga Barn, Bali (30hr).

Let’s breathe together ~ 讓我們一起流動!



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~ photo credit, in order: Yun Huang, Zahra Kassem, Ulrike Reinhold ~