flowers & chai

Devaraja Market Mysore

Mornings are easygoing. I wake up at dawn, when the streetlamps are still shining orange; change into my yoga clothes (with little room for indecision between white t-shirts); walk a quiet two blocks to the yoga center, past neighbors picking up milk for that day's chai; and sit under palms and the rapidly lightening sky… Continue reading flowers & chai

on the train to bangalore

I usually love the entire experience of train travel - especially that you can jump on board at the last minute, unlike a plane. But in my hurry to catch the train to Bangalore, I was tense and anxious in a way that I haven't felt since my first days here - it was my first… Continue reading on the train to bangalore

temples & turmeric

Three of my favorite things (beginning with the letter t or otherwise) are temples, turmeric, and tamarind. Tours, though--not so much. Organized tours rarely feature in my travels because I don't like itineraries, historical dates, or being stuck in the guide's cousin's palm candy factory in the Mekong Delta. This weekend was an exception, as I… Continue reading temples & turmeric